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We produce a series of small pamphlets called the Feudal Gourmet series. Primarily recipe collections from our past Banquets based around specific eras and locales, our pamphlets generally include a brief overview of the cuisine. Each recipe includes the original medieval text when possible and then our modern reconstruction (with a translation into modern English if necessary):


The 9 pamphlets as of 2003.

See below for ordering information.

• A Gothic Feast: Food in the time of Chaucer.  This newest addition focuses on late 14th century English and French sources(Le Viandier de Taillevent, Le Managier de Paris, Forme of Cury, and Diversa Servicia), providing a thorough introduction to the time and cuisine, a survey of contemporary literature reference and 18 mouthwatering recipes.  $5

• Tourney Cooking: Recipes to enjoy at outdoor events - A large collection of tasty period recipes suitable for everything from a picnic to Pennsic. Also provides suggestions for appropriate foods you can grab ready-made from a grocery store, as well as sections on Boil-in-Bag cooking, Dutch Oven cooking, food and fire safety, and practical guidelines for cooking at events. Learn more about Dutch Oven cooking here. $5

• A Culinary Reference Manual - our pamphlet on the historical origins of ingredients which were (and weren't) eaten in medieval and Renaissance Europe, how to reconstruct historical recipes etc, Includes an extensive bibliography as well as a glossary of medieval culinary terms. $5

• Researching a medieval Recipe: Condoignac - a Quince Paste from Paris, 1393 - 1394. Our latest pamphlet is not a recipe collection, but an example of how to meticulously reconstruct an historical recipe, from researching each of the ingredients, to analyzing in depth the multiple translations of the recipe, and going through multiple combinations of ingredients to acheive a happy final result. A great example of taking historical cooking to a higher level of research. $3

Silk Road : A Culinary Journey to the East - a collection of recipes from medieval Venice, Baghdad and Mongolia with supporting information on each cuisine. $3

• Exploring Italian Renaissance Cuisine - A reprint of two papers from the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, one on fish consumption, the other on a feast menu from the Italian Renaissance. Includes several recipes reconstructed from contemporary sources. $3

A dinner from Moghul India - A pamphlet on food in the 16th century Moghul court along with the complete recipe texts from the Ain-i-Akbari (a record of the reign of Emperor Akbar the Great) as well as many other food references from Moghul India. $3

Dining on the Edge, Volume I: Hors d'Ouvres, Side Dishes and Entrees - A collection of recipes from 16th and 17th c. Europe, primarily England. $3

Dining on the Edge, Volume II: Desserts and the Banquetting Course - A collection of recipes from 16th and 17th c. Europe, primarily England. $3

A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine - a collection of recipes from 4 different periods (13th to the 17th century), and discussion of historical Spanish cuisine in general. $3

French Food in The Renaissance - A collection of recipes from 15th - 17th century France, (mostly from Varenne's 'le Cuisinier Francoise') $3

An Apician Feast - Our pamphlet on Roman cookery. Excellent recipes (using the controversial Vehling Garum theory) and discussion of Roman food in general. $3

The full set of 12 pamphlets is $35. For bulk discounts or reselling information, please contact us.

All prices are given in US dollars and do not include postage.

Prices subject to change with printing and postage cost fluctuations.

As of January 2015, postage rates for shipping within the US were as follows:

$1 per 1 pamphlet, or $5 postage for a full set of 12.


Send checks to:
The Madrone Culinary Guild

1548 NE 147th

Shoreline, WA 98155

Contact us for more up-to-date ordering information.

No longer available:

• Fall Inn - a small collection of (mostly) English 14thc. foods mentioned in the writings of Chaucer

• A Weekend at the Staggering Hedgehog Inn - a collection of (mostly) 15th c. English recipes arranged as a weekends worth of meals