Tortes out of the oven, ready to serve.

Sites with information on Medieval and Renaissance Foods

David Friedman’s Website
Translations of primary sources, worked out recipes etc.

The Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
Information and links to tons of information, primary sources etc.

Bibliographical Notes on Food History
Thomas Gloning’s extensive listing of books on food history, primary sources etc.

Sites to purchase obscure ingredients

Penzeys Spices
Best website for purchasing spices; check the Store Locator, there might be a bricks and mortar store near you.

World Spice Market
Carries high quality spices, including the Guild’s ‘Powder Forte’ and ‘English Spiced Beef’ mixes, etc.

Francesco Syrene, Spicer
Carries obscure spices, comfits, candied flowers, etc.
Saffron and vanilla at excellent prices.

Random Useful Websites

British cooking conversions
US to Metric Conversions, along with translations of British cooking terms. Link to come

Online [modern] recipe collection

Food Safety
The US Government’s website on safe food handling practices.

Slow Food
Movement for “the protection of the right to taste”.  In contrast to “fast food”.

Food in Season
A chart of when foods are in season/good buys.

Pan Size and Volume

A list of pan sizes that can accomodate the volume of a recipe.

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