Members of the Madrone Culinary Guild have been researching in the field of historical food across a span of years from 1977 to the present day. The field of research and access to sources has changed enormously since this group was established. In the early years of our activity, the number and scope of historical food research sources available to us was a tiny fraction of what is available to today’s researchers: facsimiles, translations, scholarly books and papers, websites, blogs, and popular books about food history of many cultures across the planet.

Our work has grown as access to information sources has increased. Our bibliographies show the sources we used for the work that appears in our Feudal Gourmet pamphlets. And as researchers, we like to buy new books and find new sources, and learn new aspects of food history. So there are newer books in the bibliography, too.

We hope you find these bibliographies, and our comments, informative and useful.

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