Pamphlet Errata

Please return to this page, we’ll be posting notes for those pamphlets that need some correction.

General Note – January 2022:
Over the years the Madrone Culinary Guild has tried to continually improve the quality of our research, through using better sources and methods over time. Recently we have come to realize that our writing and vocabulary need a similar update, as they sometimes reflect Eurocentric and colonialist philosophy and language.  We apologize for any offense given, even unintentionally. We are working to update and revise all our cookbooks, but as a volunteer organization, it may take some time. 

In the meantime we will address specific errors both cultural and typographical below, and you can safely assume that future editions will update such outdated terms as for example “New World” with “The Americas” or “North America”

Note that we updated many of the pamphlets to correct typographical or recipe errors in 2012. Many corrections are based on those 2012 editions or later.

Many of the links provided in older editions are also out of date.  We will try to add a “resources” page to our website soon to address that.

French Food in the Renaissance [2012 edition]

Page 30 – references the Mother Church.  This should read the “Catholic Faith.”

Tourney Cooking [2012 edition]

Page 6 – Replace “Montezuma’s Revenge” with “salmonella.”

Page 22 – second paragraph [original recipe] – end of tenth line – should read “bake him.”

Researching a Medieval Recipe [2006 edition]

Page 19 – for “grains of paradise are an African spice” please read, “grains of paradise are a spice transported to North African and European spice markets from the area of the present-day countries of Ghana and Mali in West Africa.”

Page 19 – for “which all come from southeast Asia” please read, “which all come from islands of the southeast Asia archipelago and from China.”

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