Peasant’s Revel

People chasing a rolling wheel of cheese downhill
Cheese Rolling. Photo: Rowenna de Manning

The Guild hosts an annual event known as Peasant’s Revel.  This event usually takes place on a Saturday in July.

An ideal first event for people new to medieval re-creation, it is also a fun day for returning attendees. The event features down-and-dirty peasant games, including those authentic medieval favorites: the fritter-carry race, the wet-rag-on-a-stick dance, and the spit-in-the-bucket relay. 

Cooking soup for picnic dinner at Peasant's Revel. Photo: Melinda Jodry
Cooking soup for picnic dinner at Peasant’s Revel. Photo: Rowenna de Manning

There is also dancing, socializing, pastimes for children, and – we believe – the only cheese rolling done outside of England.  The event closes with an outdoor meal of bread and cheese and a hearty soup cooked on-site by “Team Soup”.

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