How to Purchase Cookbook Pamphlets from the Guild

During the pandemic shutdown, we suspended pamphlet availability. Pamphlet availability has resumed. Thank you for your patience as we get back up to speed.

The Madrone Culinary Guild produces a collection of small cookbooks of 30 to 60 pages each, called the Feudal Gourmet series. These are primarily recipe collections from our past Banquets and are based around specific eras and locales. Our pamphlets generally include a brief overview of the cuisine and often include notes on appropriate ingredients and preparation in the time of the cuisine, and modern adaptations. Each recipe includes the original medieval text when possible, followed by our modern reconstruction (with a translation into modern English if necessary).

Click the dropdown menu to read about each cookbook. Our pamphlets are modestly priced to encourage wide distribution. Funds raised by cookbook sales go directly to purchase of kitchen and serving equipment to enable us to produce quality historical banquets.

To order one cookbook, or the whole series:

The full set of 10 pamphlets is $32. See below for individual pamphlet prices.  For bulk discounts or reselling information, please contact us.

All prices are given in US dollars and do not include postage.
Prices subject to change with printing and postage cost fluctuations.
Postage rates within the US:

$1.50 for 1 pamphlet, and $6 postage for a full set of 10. The pamphlet coordinator will give a postage quote if you are ordering more than a set of pamphlets.

A Gothic Feast – $5
Tourney Cooking -$5
A Culinary Reference Manual – $5
Silk Road – $3
Researching a Medieval Recipe – $3
Exploring Italian Renaissance Cuisine – $3
A Dinner from Moghul India – $3
A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine – $3
French Food in the Renaissance – $3
An Apician Feast – $3

To order, please send email to culinaryguild (at) with subject line <Guild Pamphlet Request>. Specify which cookbooks you want to receive. The coordinator will respond to get a mailing address and payment information.


Pamphlets from the past, no longer available:

Dining on the Edge: Desserts and the Banquetting Course

Dining on the Edge: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Entrees

Fall Inn – a small collection of (mostly) English 14th century foods mentioned in the writings of Chaucer

A Weekend at the Staggering Hedgehog Inn – a collection of (mostly) 15th c. English recipes arranged as a weekend worth of meals

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