Each month the Guild is likely to have two different types of meetings. The first is the Potluck & Planning meeting, where we discuss current projects, such as our banquets, or the cookbook pamphlets we’re working on. On recipe reconstruction nights, known as Cooking Nights, we recreate one or more dishes by working with original historical recipes.

Potluck & Planning Meetings

These planning meetings, which start at 7:00 p.m., sometimes we gather at a member’s home and have a potluck dinner.  Most member will attempt to bring dishes made from historical recipes, but work and personal schedules can mean that doesn’t always happen…  Good alternatives include an interesting ethnic deli salad or hot dish, a loaf of bread or a roasted chicken. At about 7:40 we switch to the “business” part of the meeting, where we talk about upcoming projects, any new and interesting culinary factoids, and we schmooze a lot. The evening generally ends at about 8:45.

When we meet via Zoom for a Planning meeting, the meeting starts at 7:00 p.m., and we discuss upcoming projects. We don’t eat during the Zoom meeting.


Photo: Tristan Sale

Cooking Nights

Our cooking nights are the hands-on meetings where we actually cook from historical sources. These take place in the home of a member who volunteers his or her kitchen for a night of intensive cooking. One person chooses the recipes ahead of time, and comes prepared with all of the ingredients, and then we take it from there, working collaboratively to come up with some authentic and edible results, and consume the results as each is completed. During the work, we take notes about preparation steps, and during sampling record comments on taste, texture and other opinions from fellow cooks. These nights are lots of fun.  Everyone is welcome to come and participate and learn, both experienced cooks and absolute beginners.

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