An artichoke dish and biscotti ready to serve at Baronial Banquet in 2015. Photo: Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir

Since we began presenting feasts of historical food, the Guild has cooked many wonderful meals, from an Imperial Roman feast to a medieval French peasants supper to a  banquet based on a Marco Polo-inspired journey along the Silk Road. Over the years, more information has become available about culinary history, and more cookbooks from our historical period of interest have been published and made available for scholarship. We have shifted to cooking almost exclusively from extant medieval and Renaissance recipe manuscripts. One of our primary goals is to introduce people to dishes and cuisines that have not been served for hundreds of years and show that historical cooking is not just fun, but incredibly tasty.

The Kitchen Head and two cooks prepare an artichoke dish for 250 diners. Photo: Rowenna de Manning

When preparing banquets, the Guild has always had an “open kitchen” policy. If you want to help, we’ll find something for you to do. We’ve discovered a special camaraderie exists among those who work together in a kitchen.


Banquets by the Guild

** indicates banquets with a related pamphlet of recipes for sale. There is a slider at the very bottom of the list if the right column is not fully available.

YearEventThemeResearchersHead Cook (s)
2021Athenaeum 5 - Box Lunch for 90English RenaissanceEden Rain/Etienette de Montagne/Ysolt TaylerYsolt Tayler/Eden Rain
2019Athenaeum II - Lunch for 140Egyptian - Italian Renaissance - OttomanEden Rain/Etienette de Montagne/Ysolt TaylerYsolt Tayler/Eden Rain
2019Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championship14th Century Chinese/MongolianEden Rain/Ysolt Tayler/Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-eEden Rain
2018Baronial BanquetFrenchEtienette de MontagneEtienette de Montagne
2018Arts & Sciences ChampionshipAndalusian**Ysolt Tayler/Eden RainChristopher Hawkins
2017Baronial BanquetDutchYsolt Tayler/Eden RainYsolt Tayler
2016Arts & Sciences ChampionshipCheese Rolling games were featured
2015Kingdom Feast - the dinner courseItalianYsolt Tayler
2015Baronial BanquetItalian from ScappiEtienette de MontagneYsolt Tayler
2015Arts & Sciences Championship
2014Baronial Banquet14th Century CairoEden RainEden Rain
2014Arts & Sciences ChampionshipLate Period Spanish**Ysolt TaylerMark/Ysolt Tayler
2014Bards & BladesVenetianSarra the Brave
2013Arts & Sciences ChampionshipAndalusian **Eden RainBergdis Thorgrimsdottir
2013Ermine Cross BardicLe Menagier de ParisYsolt Tayler
2012Baronial BanquetEnglish ReformationYsolt Tayler/Eden RainYsolt Tayler
2012Arts & Sciences ChampionshipGermanBergdis Thorgrimsdottir
2012Ermine Cross BardicRoman/Apicius **Etienette de Montagne
2011Baronial BanquetMedieval Venetian** Ysolt Tayler/Eden RainYsolt Tayler
2011Culinary SymposiumSpanish FavoritesYsolt Tayler/Eden RainYsolt Tayler/Eden Rain
2011SCA Board of Directors SocialAssorted FavoritesBergdis Thorgrimsdottir
2011Ermine Cross BardicMain Dish EgyrdouceEtienette de Montagne
2011Emprise of the Black Lion Equestrian TourneyAssorted FavoritesYsolt Tayler
2010Baronial BanquetSpanish **Eden RainMark
2009Baronial BanquetHigh MedievalYsolt TaylerEtienette de Montagne
2009Lionhearts TournamentMenagier PicnicEden RainEtienette de Montagne
2007Baronial BanquetScottish/FrenchAllyson SgroYsolt Tayler
2007Arts & Sciences ChampionshipAndalusian**Tim
2006Baronial BanquetItalian Renaissance**Eden RainEden Rain
2006Arts & Sciences ChampionshipApril Fools/IllusionYsolt Tayler/Eden RainYsolt Tayler
2006Field of Cloth of GoldAssorted FavoritesAllyson
2005Lionheart’s TournamentAssorted FavoritesYsolt Tayler
2005St. Bunstable Spring Fling Lunch BuffetFrenchRowenna de Manning
2005Baronial BanquetLow Countries RenaissanceAnne-Marie d'Aillieurs
2004Arts & Sciences ChampionshipConjectural Norse DinnerEden Rain
2004Baronial BanquetRoman/Apicius**Rowenna de Manning
2003Baronial BanquetSilk Road III**: Venice/Baghdad/MongoliaGenot Boulanger/Jen Witsoe; Eden Rain; Kerij-eGenot Boulanger/Jen Witsoe
2003Arts & Sciences Championship14th century French**Ysolt Tayler
2002Baronial BanquetElizabethan Revisited **James the Cook
2002Arts & Sciences ChampionshipMoghul Indian Dinner **Eden Rain
2001 Baronial BanquetSpanish **Eden Rain
2000Baronial BanquetTudor**James the Cook
1999HarvestfestThe Cookbook of Sabina WelserinJames the Cook and Bergdis ThorgrimsdottirJames the Cook and Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir
1999Baronial BanquetBest of Culinary Guild FeastAnne-Marie d'Aillieurs
1998Winter’s InnItalian Dinner**Eden Rain
1998Baronial BanquetGerman RenaissanceMenu ListRowenna de Manning/Anne-Marie d'Aillieurs
1998Twelfth Night LunchLight lunch for 500Anne-Marie d'Aillieurs
1997Baronial BanquetElizabethan**Anne-Marie d'Aillieurs
1997Lionhearts TournamentMedieval English/French**Anne-Marie d'Aillieurs
1996Arts & Sciences ChampionshipMiddle Eastern DinnerEden Rain
1996Baronial BanquetFrench Rennaissance of La Varenne**Teresa
1995Baronial BanquetRoman/Apicius: Menu ListEden Rain
1995Arts & Sciences championship13th century AndalusianAnne-Marie Rousseau
1995 Viking Birthday BashVikingJanelynn of Fenmere
1994Council of CrownsFavorite Renaissance dishes for Crowned Heads and their retinuesA dinner for 50Fiona
1994Baronial BanquetItalian buffetKelly
1993Baronial BanquetSilk Road II: China/The Caucasus/the BalkansAlwyn, Fiona, RowennaRowenna de Manning
1992Baronial BanquetFrenchFiona
1991Baronial BanquetLate 16th century Spanish with New World foodsAlwyn, Rhonwen
1990Culinary Ithra DinnerEnglish Renaissance FavoritesFiona, RandellFiona
1990Baronial BanquetEuropean Picnic & MasqueAlwyn
1989Kingdom Twelfth NightFrench FoodJean-Louis de Chambertin
1989Baronial BanquetA Hunter's Feast
1988Baronial BanquetElizabethanRhonwen
1988New World BanquetAztec with Spanish influenceAlwynAlwyn
1988A Merchant's FeastEnglishA benefit banquetRowenna de Manning
1988Baronial ChampionshipHunters FeastSeonaid
1987Baronial ChampionshipAnne of Caerdydd
1987Baronial BanquetSilk Road I: Scandinavia/Russia/MongoliaRowenna de Manning / Randell Raye
1987Italian Renaissance SupperItalian RenaissanceA benefit banquet
1986Baronial BanquetHoldenby Hall Banquet. Northern European Renaissance
1986Baronial ChampionshipScandinavia and Finland
1986Renaissance BanquetNorthern European RenaissanceA benefit banquet
1984Royal Banquet of 52 DishesEnglish and French Renaissance
1984Baronial Investiture BanquetMedieval English, Victorian Welsh, & original dishesRowenna de Manning
1982Brittannia BanquetEnglish 17th century
1982An Tir Kingdom Twelfth Night BanquetMedieval English and FrenchRowenna de Manning/Arias the Innkeeper's Daughter
1981Battle of Hastings PicnicNorth European
1981Wedding FeastMedieval English
1981Samhain DinnerNorth European
1980Baghdad Banquet for the University of IthraMiddle Eastern Rowenna de Manning
1980Wedding FeastMedieval EnglishRowenna de Manning
198014th Century Feast - University of Ithra SessionMedieval EnglishRowenna de Manning
1980Mount Baker BanquetPleyn Delit, To the King’s Taste, and other sourcesA benefit banquet
1979Baronial BanquetPleyn Delit, To the King's Taste, and other sources
1979Valfrieborg Banquet at Coronet TourneyPleyn Delit, To the King’s Taste, and other sourcesRoger the Goliard/Rowenna de Mamning
1979May Crown Tourney at Camano IslandA Roast PigRoger the Goliard
1979Kent Commons BanquetPleyn Delit, To the King’s Taste, and other sourcesA benefit banquetRowenna de Manning/Portia Maire/Fiona
1978Principality Twelfth Night BanquetPleyn Delit, To the King's Taste, and other sourcesAllysen of Dunrobin

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